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Sample Error Dispute Letter

Supervisor, Legal Department
Trans Union LLC
555 West Adams
Chicago, Illinois 60661
Supervisor, Legal Department
Equifax Info. Services
P.O. Box 740193
Atlanta, Georgia 30374-0193
Supervisor, Legal Department
Experian Info. Solutions
701 Experian Parkway
P.O. Box 1240
Allen, Texas 75002-1240
Re: (Your Name)
(Your address)
(Your SSN)
(Your Date of Birth)

In reviewing my credit report I have noticed the following errors: (describe in detail each of the disputed trade-lines, including the name of the creditor, any account numbers, any dollar amounts listed, etc.)

These items are incorrect for the following reasons: (describe in as much detail as possible all of the reasons why each item is incorrect. For example: the item reported by Main Street Bank, Inc. is incorrect. I was never 30 days late on my mortgage and I have obtained a letter written by my Main Street Bank, Inc. stating that they were in error and that I was never 30 days late on my mortgage. A copy of the letter from Main Street Bank, Inc. is enclosed. [Attach COPIES [NOT originals] of as much supporting documentation as you have.]) (or "This account does not belong to me.")

Please reinvestigate each of these items and correct the inaccuracies on my credit reports. Please also give me the results in writing of your investigation and send me a full, corrected credit report. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

(Your Name and Signature)
cc: Supervisor, Legal Department, Main Street Bank, Inc.