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Consumers Beware!

Retain a Trial Attorney Experienced in Fair Credit Reporting Act litigation.

    “It’s a hard fight to win justice for regular people. They have to win against the boundless money, the infinite power of the American Corporation.” Gerry Spence, The Making of a Country Lawyer (St. Martin’s Press 1996).

If a consumer has a Fair Credit Reporting Act claim, it is important to retain a trial lawyer well-schooled in this area of the law. Fair Credit Reporting Act litigation is complex.

    “The Act is full of holes. Many attorneys who believe they have a good case based on the facts discover, upon reviewing the Act, that the wrong suffered by their client is not prohibited by it. Furthermore, the Act is so poorly drafted and difficult to understand that courts are in disagreement over some fundamental questions.” Fair Credit Reporting, National Consumer Law Center, (5th Edition 2004).

The defense lawyers representing the Big Three credit bureaus are skilled, and experienced at Fair Credit Reporting Act litigation. Atlanta, Georgia based Equifax is represented by the law firm of King and Spalding

Allen, Texas based Experian is represented by the law firm Jones Day. Click here to visit its web site.

Chicago, Illinois based TransUnion is represented by five different law firms: Philadelphia, PA based Kogan, Trichon, and Wertheimer, Schuckit & Associates in Indianapolis, IN, Crowell & Moring in Irvine, CA, Strasburger in Dallas, TX, and Lemle & Kelleher, in New Orleans, LA.

These law firms are stocked to the 9s with lawyers who do nothing except defend their credit reporting agency clients in Fair Credit Reporting Act litigation. As a result, these defense lawyers have learnt Fair Credit Reporting Act law and litigation tactics very well indeed. They know the law inside and out. They know every legal loophole and FCRA lawyer trick to play. They will discover and exploit the weakness in your case.

The credit reporting agencies are making bountiful profits selling credit reports. This combination of wealthy corporations represented by experienced defense lawyers means that consumer/plaintiffs with Fair Credit Reporting Act claims or issues had better be certain that they too hire a trial lawyer experienced in Fair Credit Reporting Act litigation.

Mark Kraynak is an experienced Fair Credit Reporting Act trial lawyer. Mr. Kraynak has somewhat of a unique pespective on Fair Credit Reporting Act litgation and identity theft because he also represents criminal defendants accussed of identity theft, hacking, and other computer related crimes.