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Consumer Fraud

Consumers have the right to a fair marketplace when they enter a contract for goods or services. This law firm prosecutes claims in Court for clients ranging from a relatively simple breach of a contract or warranty to outright fraud and/or deceptive practices.

Fraud and misrepresentation claims involve the intentional act of making a false statement of fact with the intention to induce another party to act. Claims for misrepresentation normally occur during the negotiation phase for the sale of goods (autos, boats, real estate) or the provision for services (brokers, contractors, mechanics). The false statement of fact usually involves a misstatement about the quality of the good (condition or specifications for an auto, boat, diamond, or real estate); title or ownership of the good (not owned by the seller of the good); the qualifications of the service provider (licensed or qualified to be a broker, contractor, or mechanic); or the necessity for the service to be rendered (the repairs are not needed).

Another common form of fraud involves civil theft. Civil theft is when one party intentionally deprives another party from the rightful use or possession of property. In other words, the taking of another person’s property and refusing to return that property upon proper demand. Examples of civil theft include the issuance of a bad check or refusing to return property or money known to belong to another party.

Identity theft is also a facet of fraud.

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Relief for a fraud claim or identify theft will normally require the services of a lawyer. Most persons engaging in fraudulent schemes will not acknowledge their offense nor voluntarily cure the problem without Court intervention. Additionally, you should immediately begin an investigation into the background and assets of the perpetrator of fraud to maximize your chances for recovery.

This law firm will use state and federal law to level the playing field: to expose unfair or deceptive business practices, and to punish the offender.