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Disputing Credit Errors

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Have you looked at your credit report lately? If not, you really should. Financial experts say that consumers should check their credit report twice a year to be sure that their credit reports are accurate. If there are any problems with your credit report the sooner you know about the problems the better off you’ll be. If you find a lot of credit errors on your report you’ll need to know how to dispute credit errors.

When you want to check your credit report you should always get a copy of your credit report from the three major credit reporting agencies: Experion, Trans-Union and Equifax, because there could be slight differences between the credit reports. In 2004 the government passed a law that gives every consumer the right to get one free copy of their credit report every year, so if you haven’t checked your credit report in awhile it might be a good idea to take advantage of that and get a free copy today.

Once you pull your credit report from the three major credit agencies go through each one very carefully and see what items are being reported against you. Even though you might have paid off a debt or settled a debt it might still be showing up on your credit report and counting against you. Very often outstanding bills or other credit problems that have been cleared up still show up on a credit report for years afterward unless you take steps to have them removed.

If you find things on your credit report that shouldn’t be there what steps can you take to dispute credit errors? The first thing that you need to do is write down all the items that you feel are incorrect and then gather any supporting evidence that you have in relation to those items. Look for canceled checks, bank statements, records of automatic payments from you bank account, credit card statements, or anything that you can find that documents that the item in question has been paid or settled.

If you have only one or two errors on your credit report then you can probably just call the company and fax them the proof of payment so that they will stop reporting that debt to the credit companies. However, if there are a lot of errors on your credit report it’s a good idea to consult with a credit lawyer who can help you dispute credit errors, such as Mark Kraynak in Denver, CO and Atlanta, GA. Hiring a lawyer that has a lot of experience handling credit repair can make it much easier and faster to get through the red tape that comes with trying to repair your credit. If you need to get your credit in good shape so that you can get a job, or if you want to repair your credit so you can buy a house or a car then hiring a credit lawyer to help you dispute credit errors in would be a smart thing to do.